Technical Specifications

  • ​   ​Format: Arri Alexa  
  •    Color
  • ​   Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • ​   Language: Italian
  •    Subtitles: English

WRITER & DIRECTOR: Alessandro Alpini


Francesco is a 27 year old metal worker. One day he decides to join his friend Antonio in a protest at the factory. For this occasion he decides to wear his best jacket, the one which is usually worn for festivities. In this way, he hopes to impress a girl who works there as a secretary. But when the euphoria of the protest turns to riots, a policeman gets killed, the crowd panics, and Antonio gets wounded.


Immagimondo Les Cultures, Italy, 2012- Official Selection

27 min | drama | 2012| Italy, UK

Sunday Best


Writer & Director: Alessandro Alpini

Producer:  Alessandro Alpini

Director of Photography: Alberto Boldini

Editor: Giacomo Boeri

In association with Lecco Film Commission

and API Lecco.


Francesco : Carlo Decio

Giulia: Ilaria Fratoni

Madre: Roberta Fornier

Antonio: Nicola Bizzarri

Commissario Reggiani: Alberto Mancioppi

Ingegnere: Luca Torraca