27 min | drama | 2013 | India, UK


Writer & Director: Maaria Sayed

Producer:  Vidit Chitroda

Director of Photography: Eeshit Narain

Editors: Maaria Sayed | Alessandro Alpini

Music Composer: Zubin Balaporia

​Production Designer: Abhijeet Takur

Sound Editor: Shashank Savant


Aabida Sheikh: Lubna Salim

Muneer Sheikh: Dananjay Singh

​Journalist: Neha Singh

​Trainee Reporter: Siddhart Dudeja

Shekhar: Capt Sanjay Nath

​Neighbour: Muskrat Mehboob Mumin


Technical Specifications

  • ​   ​Format: Canon 5D MARK III 
  •    Color
  • ​   Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1
  • ​   Language: Hindi/ Urdu/ English
  •    Subtitles: English



A political yet intimate drama about a Muslim woman dealing with life on different levels after she loses her husband, a police inspector in the 26/11 terror attacks in Mumbai. As the events unfurl in a day, Aabida finds her present life free of the influence of her chauvinist husband while she recalls her past through a press interview with journalists. But will society ever allow her this sense of freedom?


ImagineIndia, Barcelona, Spain, 2015 - Official Selection 

6th Indian Film Festival, Ireland, 2015 - Official Selection​

Indian Film Festival, Stuttgart, Germany, 2015 - Official Selection
Women Voices Now (LA) 2014 - Best Film Award

Izmir Kisa Film Festival, Turkey, 2014 - Official Selection
Kazan Film Festival of Muslim Cinema, Russia, 2014 - Official Selection

Saga, Stockholm women's film festival, Sweden, 2014 - Official Selection

10th IAWRT, Asian Festival, Delhi, India, 2014 - Official Selection

Aligarh Film Festival, 2014 - Best Actress and Best Short Film Award

Women Freedom Centre, Vermont, 2014 - Official Selection

20th WOW, Women's Australian Film Festival, Sydney, 2014 - Official Selection

6th Corona Fastnet Short Film Festival, Schull, Cork, Ireland, 2014 - Official Selection

Women@Work Film Festival, Ahmedabad, India, 2014 - Official Selection

NDU International Film Festival, Lebanon, 2014 - Official Selection

50th ISNA Convention, Washington DC, 2013 - Official Selection
Mumbai Women's Int Film Festival, 2013 -  Best Short Film Award
National Film Development Corporation, Film Bazaar, Goa, India, 2013 - Viewing Room
London Feminist Film Festival, UK, 2013 - Official Selection
Smita Patil Short Film Festival, Pune, India, 2013 - Official Selection
20th IPTA National Theatre Film Festival, India, 2013 - Official Selection

​International Women's Film Festival, Berkeley, USA, 2019