Writer & Director: Maaria Sayed

 Producer:  Vidit Chitroda

 Director of Photography: Eeshit Narain

 Editors: Maaria Sayed | Alessandro Alpini

 Music Composer: Zubin Balaporia

​ Production Designer: Abhijeet Takur

 Sound Editor: Shashank Savant​


​ Aabida Sheikh: Lubna Salim

 Muneer Sheikh: Dananjay Singh

​ Journalist: Neha Singh

 ​Trainee Reporter: Siddhart Dudeja

 Shekhar: Capt Sanjay Nath

​ Neighbour: Muskrat Mehboob Mumin


     Technical Specifications


  • ​   Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1
  • ​   Language: Hindi/ Urdu/ English
  •    Subtitles: English

27 min | drama | 2013 | India, UK



 After the death of her husband in the 26/11 Mumbai terror attack, Aabida's life   takes an unconventional turn. 

 Acquired by Indieflix and available on Amazon Prime. 

 Screened at cinemas in Washington DC, under the Islamic Society of North America

 As an education initiative, it travelled across the middle east and refugee camps under 'Women   Bought and Sold: Voices   United Against Violence' as the award winner for the 2014 segment   of 'Women Voices Now' based in LA. 


 ImagineIndia, Barcelona, Spain, 2015 - Official Selection 

 Indian Film Festival, Ireland, 2015 - Official Selection​

 Indian Film Festival, Stuttgart, Germany, 2015 - Official Selection
 Women Voices Now (LA) 2014 - Best Film Award

 Izmir Kisa Film Festival, Turkey, 2014 - Official Selection
 Kazan Film Festival of Muslim Cinema, Russia, 2014 - Official Selection

 Saga, Stockholm women's film festival, Sweden, 2014 - Official Selection

 IAWRT, Asian Festival, Delhi, India, 2014 - Official Selection

 Aligarh Film Festival, 2014 - Best Actress and Best Short Film Award

 Women Freedom Centre, Vermont, 2014 - Official Selection

 20th WOW, Women's Australian Film Festival, Sydney, 2014 - Official Selection

 Corona Fastnet Short Film Festival, Schull, Cork, Ireland, 2014 - Official Selection

 Women@Work Film Festival, Ahmedabad, India, 2014 - Official Selection

 NDU International Film Festival, Lebanon, 2014 - Official Selection​

 50th ISNA Convention, Washington DC, 2013 - Official Selection
 Mumbai Women's Int Film Festival, 2013 -  Best Short Film Award
 London Feminist Film Festival, UK, 2013 - Official Selection
 Smita Patil Short Film Festival, Pune, India, 2013 - Official Selection
 20th IPTA National Theatre Film Festival, India, 2013 - Official Selection

​ International Women's Film Festival, Berkeley, USA, 2019